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Affordable Housing Connection

We would like to thank the Affordable Housing Connection for partnering up with Williams Investments' low income tax credit properties.  Over the years this non profit has provided amazing parties and giveaways of diapers, formula, school supplies, backpacks, Christmas presents and food.  Our section 42 properties are Winterhill, Cedars on 67th and Woodland Greens. These low income properties set aside units for people earning under 40-50% under the area's median income.

Affordable Housing Connection
Benefit Concert Everett Washington

Join Us Sunday,

September 18, 2022 At 5pm

Everett Historic Theater


Roger Fisher- From Heart

Roni Lee

Lynn Sorensen

Bernadette Bascom

Brenda Kashmir

Medicine Hat


Benefitting: Domestic Violence Services, VOA/Mauds House, YWCA/Pathways For Woman, Interfaith Family Shelter & Cocoon House

Affordable Housing Connection

Affordable Housing Connections Annual Back Pack and School Supply Give Away.


Diapers and Fromula For The Little Ones. 

Backpacks Give Away
Affordable Housing Connection

During Covid The Affordable Housing Connection Delivered Over 400 Bags of Food.

Affordable Housing Connection
Affordable Housing Connection

The Affordable Housing Connection Provided Over 1000 Christmas Presents.

We Also Want To Thank Several Students From Archbishop Murphy High School For Wrapping and Distrubuting Gifts. 

Affordable Housing Connection
Affordable Housing Connection

For Future Events or Inquiries Contact:

Jesi- President of The Affordable Housing Connection 


     We would like to recognize the positive impact that the Affordable Housing Connection has had through its partnership with Williams Investments. The support provided to our low-income tax credit properties, includes parties and giveaways of essential items like diapers, formula, school supplies, backpacks, Christmas presents, and food, which contributes significantly to the well-being of the residents.

     Also gifted to all residents is a free membership to the Boys and Girls Clubs provided by both Williams Investments and the Affordable Housing Connection.  Offering access to recreational and educational activities through the Boys and Girls Clubs can have a lasting positive impact on the lives of residents, particularly children and young people, fostering personal development and community engagement.

     This partnership appears to go beyond the immediate needs of housing and extends into creating opportunities for social and recreational activities, which are integral to a well-rounded and thriving community. The emphasis on inclusivity and supporting residents in various aspects of their lives reflects a holistic understanding of community well-being.

     The commitment to setting aside units for individuals earning under 40-50% of the area's median income at properties such as Winterhill, Cedars on 67th, and Woodland Greens demonstrates a dedication to creating affordable housing opportunities for those who need it most. Such initiatives play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community and improving the quality of life for individuals and families facing economic challenges.

     Collaborations between non-profits and property developers like Williams Investments are essential for addressing the ongoing need for affordable housing and ensuring that communities thrive. This partnership serves as an excellent example of how organizations can come together to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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